Color Match

Color Match

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 I recently purchased Pen Prediction and it has been a HUGE Hit at my shows. This is just Mind Blowing Mentalism at its finest. This is built by a fine craftsman and is built to last. I would give this a 9/10 just because I do not think any product on the market deserves a 10. Purchase this before the price goes up as this is easily worth $ 400.00. - Rod P

As seen at Magic Live 2011! 

This is one of the coolest items we have seen this year. Four different color pens are displayed in a holder. A volunteer is given a drawing and is asked to choose a marker. They are instructed to color a portion of the drawing. This is repeated with the other 3 color markers. When the drawing is complete the volunteer opens an envelope which has been in full view the entire time. The envelope contains a duplicate of the drawing the color choices match exactly. 

The performer has his back turned during the color selections. The performer does not see what markers the volunteer is using. 

Another presentation is to have the volunteer and the performer stand back to back. The volunteer is asked to choose a marker and draw a symbol (square, circle, etc..) The performer is able to duplicate the color choices.

No assistants or stooges are used. This is a hi-tech electronic device. 
Five color version.