Christmas Magic

Home visits are always an exciting event for a Santa.  You receive a call from a family or school, they say they want you for 2 hours for photos and time with Santa, and you book the visit.  You come up to the door see all the children, have your pictures taken, tell a story, and open some presents.  45 minutes into your event, you realize there is some awkward open time left and you now have an hour and 15 minutes to fill.  What do you do now?  By the time you have left, everyone has lost interest and the family wonders why they paid for a 2 hour session.  That is why I developed this site.  I help you fill your time with a little Christmas Magic!  When you have left, the children and parents are both excited that you were there and they make sure that they have you booked for next year before you leave.  That is what Santa Magic is all about, making the experience better for the Santa and the Family they are visiting.
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