Chazpro Magic Co.

An amazing Magical Story!

We will be adding back products as they are produced.  We are using the same processes and equipment to produce these items with the same amazing quality.  If you don't see what you want now, just keep checking back. We will get to it!!  Stay Magical!!

Chazpro Magic company was started by Chuck Leach in the early 1980s and was run  for nearly 40 years by him and his wife and business partner Barbara. Their first trick was “My First Sucker Trick”, a 3-Card Monte effect with jumbo squeaking pacifiers. During the 1980s, Chazpro developed a PK line of products, introducing and improving many magic effects with magnets. The UFO, Finger Birds, PK Block, Magnetic Cards  and the Micro 5 PK Kit were their biggest PK sellers.  Chazpro bought the rights to Die-Cipher from Paul Diamond in the late 1980s and improved the design, stream-lining the handling. In 1993 Chazpro released the Deck Shell , which was popular in the U.S.A. and Europe. In 1994 they released their biggest success: The Raven, popular world-wide and utilized by David Blaine on his first ABC Magic Special.  A string of successful products followed that included: The Eclipse Wallet, Buddha Coin Boxes, Telepathy Card Line, Spirit Slates and many more. Chazpro produced over 200 products in their 40 year history. 

When Chuck dove into the magic business in the early 1980s, the internet was just getting started. An early Chazpro website utilized his journalism background and offered “The Magician’s Enquirer,” a news page for magicians. After joining the magic business fraternity he discovered issues that appeared unethical, if not illegal. He published a story about an alleged ‘Magic Mafia’ without naming names.  He also spent a great deal of time reporting thousands of magic exposure e-books and intellectual property infringements on eBay and Amazon. These efforts to protect magic secrets and intellectual property, resulted in a wide-range of nefarious characters, inside and outside magic, attacking Chazpro’s reputation. One person created a ‘magic exposure’ website and listed Chuck as the webmaster and conducted interviews.

Barbara and Chuck currently reside in the beautiful Pacific Northwest, where he plays with a deck of cards and gardens and occasionally drops a note into his “Trick Ideas” file. Both feel the most enriching part of their journey in the magic business has been all the wonderful people they’ve met over the years. They thank all their great customers, especially those long-time customers who bought Chazpro tricks as kids and are buying them again, this time for their own kids. 

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