Terms of Service/Billing terms

Payment is due prior to shipping. Once paid items ship within 3 business days.

Terms of Service:

We at SantaMagic and The Magic Store believe that your personal information should be kept as private as possible. In the course of business we collect and maintain data from you that is required in order to complete transactions or to communicate with you, typically using email. We will only use your information in a manner that you have authorized. We do not sell, rent, trade, give away, loan, lease, abandon, leave unprotected out in the cold, or in any way allow access to your personally identifiable information by a third party without your prior consent.


On some of our pages we have links to other web locations, mostly to magic related sites and social media. If you follow a link that takes you somewhere else you should know that we do not, and cannot, control what you see there. We won’t put any links on our site that we think could be trouble, but when you leave our site you are on your own.

Policy Changes:

If we ever need to make a change to our policies we will post them here for you, and we may send you an email if it is a really big change, but we think our policies are pretty good so they shouldn’t change very often. If you have any questions about any of this please feel free to contact us and we will be happy to answer them.