Access (DVD & Gimmicks) by Rizki Nanda and Skymember

Access (DVD & Gimmicks) by Rizki Nanda and Skymember

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"Once you’ve made it you’ll have no problem working this. It’s a tool rather than a trick and certainly does the job." -Paul Romhany, *Reviews Vanish Magazine

What if you could gain access to someone's head and being able to reveal their thoughts in seconds?

Have the spectator think of a number, a name or drawing anything. They write it on a pack of gum, close it and return it to you. The moment you grab the gum, you instantly gain access to the secret information concealed within. It's a jaw dropping mentalism effect that is simple to learn and perform. A modern mind reading device for the modern magician.

Never leave your house without a pack of gum.

*Gimmick included*