AIRPLANE MODE KIDS by George Iglesias & Twister Magic
AIRPLANE MODE KIDS by George Iglesias & Twister Magic
AIRPLANE MODE KIDS by George Iglesias & Twister Magic
AIRPLANE MODE KIDS by George Iglesias & Twister Magic
AIRPLANE MODE KIDS by George Iglesias & Twister Magic
AIRPLANE MODE KIDS by George Iglesias & Twister Magic

AIRPLANE MODE KIDS by George Iglesias & Twister Magic

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After the great success of the launching of Airplane Mode a total sold out at Blackpool Magic Convention 2020, George Iglesias comes now with Airplane Mode (Kids) a very fun and entertainment children's magic routine with lots of props, magic moments and laughs!

"A First-Class Act" ... David Copperfield

You will get a lot for your money, high quality props and, like in the adult version, this is not only one trick, it is a full routine with a lot of tricks and plots, that will play well from a show at a house to a cruise ship as well!

Fully customizable, you can perform a 5 mins, a 7 mins, a 10 mins or a 15 mins routine, you choose!

Each Airplane Mode (Kids) set comes with:
  • 1 Special Airplane Emergency Card
  • 1 Special Set of Boarding Passes
  • 1 Duty Free Catalogue
  • 1 Airplane Movie Magazine (Svengali) (Designed with Kids movies)
  • 3 Envelopes + 3 Special Printed Dollar Bills
  • 1 Hippo's Milk Cardboard Box
  • 1 Origami Newspaper Hat (Cowboy Style)
  • 1 Set of Specially Edited Pictures of Drinks (Downloadables from a link)
  • 1 Online Instructional Video
Effect and Routine:

One kid is selected to participate with George on stage.

"Let me ask you a question, is our destiny written or we write it ourselves?" I had a dream yesterday; I imagine yourself traveling on vacations to a very nice place.

So today I will invite you into a journey, a travel experience.

You will travel to anywhere in the world... With your imagination...

Albert Einstein use to say: "Imagination is more important than knowledge... You know why? Because if you can imagine something, you can create something" So today you are going to help me recreate a flight. Imagine this is an airplane
 (Showing the kid the stage space)

The kid will imagine now boarding an airplane and traveling with their imagination into a destination. First, they are invited to board this airplane and to imagine a place where they will travel.

The magician now displays many boarding passes with different great hot spots for kids vacationing such as "Disney World", "The Great Wall of China", "Hollywood", "The Beach at Cancun", "The Eiffel Tower", "Machu Picchu", among many others. The kid selects one destination (Disney World) and is asked to remember only two things, his seat number and the place he will be traveling to. The kid now will seat at a chair, imagining is his airplane seat, buckle up and get ready to enjoy the flight.

But safety first! An emergency card is shown to everybody to learn about safety at airplanes and why it is important to know how to buckle up, put the oxygen masks, and follow the signs in case of an emergency.

The flight then begins, you can hear airplane music in the background, the magician plays the role now of a magical fly attendant, a one, that can read minds, he says.

The magician (Fly Attendant) offers now a drink to the kid and in order to do that uses his phone and show him different drinks available for free at the flight, the kid will scroll with his finger and stop anytime he wants, selecting one drink at random.

You then introduce a tray with a paper bag covering something. You say: I am not only a fly attendant, I am also a magician, that can read minds, and see the future, you are not going to believe it, but before the flight started I knew, what drink you were going to ask, please in a loud voice, can you name the drink you selected? The spectator names now his drink (i.e. Coke, Fanta, Sprite or any other drink he selected) (This is customizable)

Let's say the kid says Fanta and at the very same time he answers, you lift the paper bag and say: Yes Hippo's Milk!!!... All the kids will immediately laugh by seeing a Cardboard Box of Hippo's Milk with a Hippo on it with all the black cow spots.

Wait... Hippo Milk you say right??? Lots of laughs at this moment, the kid says... No I selected a Fanta, the magician apologizes, he has fail reading his mind. Ok never mind let's continue with the flight!

Now you show a duty-free catalogue that features a lot of things you can buy at an airplane like a Tablet, a Smart Watch, Headphones, Snacks among others.

You ask the kid now: "Did you bring some money for your trip?" (The answer will be NO)

"No worries you say we've got you covered, we are going to imagine, that you really save some money for this trip, so you can choose one of this three envelopes, inside there is a bill, let see how much money you saved".

Magician shows now three colored envelopes, Red, Blue and Green. The kid will select now one of the envelopes at random (Free Choice) Let say the kid selects the red one, so the magician now opens the green one to show inside there is a $ 100 dollar bill! Then the magician opens the green envelope and inside shows a $ 50 bill! So now it is time to open the chosen envelope, to reveal that inside there is only a $ 1 dollar bill!

Oh my god, he just choose the envelope with less money. But no worries, you take the one dollar bill out of the envelope and by checking on the duty free catalogue you find out that the kid is able to purchase one thing, a snickers chocolate bar. "Better than nothing right?" you say.

(The magician now can decide, if he wish, to do magic and appear a snickers chocolate bar for the kid, or better wait until the end of the routine to reveal this).

Now it is time to watch a movie! An Airplane Magazine is display and the kid will secretly choose one movie to watch (Toy Story). Now you ask him to imagine he is indeed watching the movie, while you offer him now a newspaper saying: "Sir, would you like to read today's newspaper?"

Kids will laugh they don't even know what a newspaper is these days, so you do something better, you grab the newspaper and ask him to concentrate in the movie, you take scissors out of your pocket and, like if you were entering inside of his mind, you start to trim the newspaper, at the same time you start to reveal things from the movie selected: "Oh I can see you are watching an animated movie!", "I see a Toy", "I see a dog", "I see a dolly"... "Now wait, you choose a very funny movie, with a great message, talks about friendship, please concentrate on the main character of the movie" (The magician continues to trim the newspaper)

"His name starts with a W?", Oh I got it!

Now the magician opens up the newspaper, a lot of pieces fall to the ground and magically a perfect cowboy hat (Made out of newspaper) can be seeing and is now put on top of the kids head announcing: "Yes! You are watching Toy Story!"

Now the flights continue and the magician says:

"Oh, it's time to land, please buckle up!" Open up the Window and try to see thru it, imagine you are about to arrive to this place you selected, concentrate, I will try to imagine with you..."

The magician plays a roll like a fortune teller and says: "I can see a lot of wonderful things there... Is a land of dreams that come true... I can see a mouse; it is a good mouse... I can see a lot of kids and friends with their families... I can see a Castle... Wow! Now I can see clearly that you are traveling to Disney World!!! The kid will say yes and everybody will applaud.

"Now that we reached your destination let me ask you again, is our destiny written or we write it ourselves?"

Remember the emergency card I showed you at the beginning to read? Take a look at it!

While the kid might have glanced at it, upon closer inspection and followed by the magician, the kid will start to discover all these hidden messages in the emergency card, it actually features drawings of everything that just happened throughout the routine. All the "free choices" such as the seat number, the movie, the place where they are traveling were printed since the beginning on the card which, as an extra surprise, can then be now opened into a giant poster revealing for everyone, the seat number, the movie selected, the snickers chocolate bar, bought with the allowance at the airplane, and the final destination Disney World, that can be seen thru the window.

But wait, the trip is not over yet! What about the drink they selected? Hippo's Milk? Of course not, you are great magician! You knew that in advance too!

You lift the box to show it was actually just a shell covering up a Fanta Can and a real Snickers chocolate bar, that were hidden in there, since the beginning of the act. A kicker ending they'll never see coming!

A full routine packed with a lot of great magic, props, effects, gags and comedy bits! Suitable for all kids of family shows!

100% Customizable your Way! Full Video Performance include in the Instructional Video.