Belly Stripper Combo Deck Bicycle -BLUE Pro Version by Santa Magic!

Belly Stripper Combo Deck Bicycle -BLUE Pro Version by Santa Magic!

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These combos feature one concave deck and one convex deck, which allows you to be a virtuoso, to come up with your own custom routines.  

Unlike previous Belly Strippers (that were NOT able to be shuffled in any fashion), this version allows you to shuffle them in anyway. You could even do FARO shuffles – if you wish. After shuffling, you spread the deck face-up proving the cards are thoroughly mixed. Upon squaring up the deck, your able to immediately strip out the cards and replace them on the top or the bottom of the deck. What happens next is uncanny, upon ribbon spreading the deck, you have magically separated all the black and red cards. In one strip, despite several shuffles you can separate all the cards! Think about this.

The above is just an illustration of the mechanics of the deck, but there several mind-numbing effects one can perform with this custom Belly Stripper deck. Steve provides you with some of his favorites in the instructional video tutorial including but not limited too this being the best deck to use for Paul Curry’s – Out of this World.

All cards are meticulously hand cut by Steven Perry. Compared to other Belly Stripper options on the market the price is exceptionally fair and the quality is steadfast.
Available in Red or Blue Bicycle.