Blizzard by Dean Dill

Blizzard by Dean Dill

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"Dean Dill's 'Blizzard' caused a storm on its release decades ago. The method flew by everyone! I loved demoing this effect when I worked at Showplace Magic and am so happy it'll be available again." - Paul Vigil

"Dean was a monster when it came to fooling people - especially magicians - very badly and Blizzard was one of his most diabolical creations." - R. Paul Wilson

"I will never forget the little smile Dean had after showing me Blizzard. He was smiling as he knew how badly he had fooled me. It's great to see this amazing trick come back to the magic community. Buy it, learn it, perform it." - Kozmo

"One day I was sitting in Dean Dill’s barber shop when he performed Blizzard for one of his customers. After he finished, I was surprised at the trick but, after some thought, I thought I figured it out. Dean “accidentally” left the deck on the table and the spectator went for the deck. I quickly grabbed it and took it away. I was floored as there was nothing to see. Not only had Dean fooled his spectator but he had fooled me badly. Dean just gave his typical little laugh. Wow. Blizzard left an impression on me for many years. If you learn this, it can do the same for your audience." - Jesse Dee

"Unfortunately Dean is a magician I never had the pleasure to meet. I familiar with his work and I and I was and still am a huge fan. Blizzard fooled me years ago when a magician performed it for me. I was completely fooled and amazed. It is routine that will elevate your show. I say: GET IT!" - Bill Malone

"Dean Dill gave me my monthly haircut for many years (he did the best he could with what he had to work with). There was never an appointment that didn’t include me getting fried by some devious Dean deceit. Nearly as entertaining was hanging out after and watching the reaction of the next target. Blizzard was particularly great in that regard. Watching Dean boldly do the “secret move” right in front of the unsuspecting sucker was a real treat. If I didn’t know that Dean was a good Christian man, I’d believe he was in league with the Devil." - Mac King

"I watched Dean fool just about everybody with Blizzard." - Bob Kohler

“I hate to admit how badly Blizzard fooled me — even when I knew what to expect.” - Gregory Wilson

"This is Dean Dill’s best selling trick because it is relatively easy to do and it is incredibly impactful." - Martin Kaplan

After your audience has examined the deck, vanish the ink off every card except the one they named. Once you reveal the blank deck, your audience will have no way to backtrack on how you accomplished this absolute miracle. This is the definitive work on the trick that fooled a generation of magicians. This is Blizzard by Dean Dill.

Here’s what happens:

The magician asks the audience to name any playing card. There's no equivoke, fishing process, or weird scripting. The card they want is the card you use. The magician removes the selected card, along with the other three cards of the same value. The spectator mixes the four cards face down on the table, and then the magician successfully divines which of the four is the named card. Then, in an astonishing moment, the audience never sees coming; the other three cards are turned over and revealed to have blank faces. Then the rest of the deck is turned over, and it's completely blank. The only card that isn't blank is the card the audience named, and everything can be examined.

The stories of Dean Dill’s barbershop are legendary. Magicians would travel from around the world just to be fooled by the local barber. You knew that when you stepped inside, you would see something amazing, and the trick that fooled them all was Blizzard. In addition to a redesign of the gimmick to make it more durable and easy to use than ever before, you will be getting the complete work on the Blizzard plot. The tutorial, nearly 90 minutes in length, also features the complete work on Colossal Blizzard by Tony Miller, an advanced handling of Colossal Blizzard created by Luke Jermay, and Colossal Blizzard 2.0 by Magick Balay that leaves you 100% clean without any deck switches at all. This is the last word in blank face deck effects. The audience names the card, and with no forces, no sleight of hand, and no magician's choice, their card is inevitably the only printed card in a sea of white. Put your audience on ice with Blizzard by Dean Dill.