C.O.A.L. by Andy Clockwise
C.O.A.L. by Andy Clockwise

C.O.A.L. by Andy Clockwise

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"Lo and behold, the card that remains, the “winner,” is a picture of a balloon animal – never seen as a choice. " -David Regal, Genii Magazine

Some fantastic prizes are up for grabs but what will be won? It's time for someone to play "Chance Of A Lifetime"

This FUN routine which plays great for family audiences - either in Cabaret or Close-Up - leads your audience to believe that you, the game show host, have "messed up" and are about to give away a fantastic prize. Luckily, you have EVERYTHING under control and something quite different is won.

7 specially printed postcards
Instructional DVD
6 joke scratch cards

Balloon Dogs are NOT supplied.

NOTE: DVD is PAL format and may not play on most standard DVD players. However, this will play on a computer with an appropriate player.