COIL by Jay Sankey

COIL by Jay Sankey

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"If you’re looking for a visual and flashy bit of impossible metal bending with something other than cutlery or coins, Coil may well spike your interest." -Francis Menotti, Magic Magazine

One of the most VISUAL bending effects ever! Perform COIL as the perfect opening effect. And then wear the bent nail as a finger ring for the rest of your show!

Or perform COIL as a closing effect, as a powerful reputation-maker. And thanks to the specially- machined gimmick included with the full-length DVD, the nail can be closely examined before, after, and even DURING the shocking sequence of step-by-step bends.

You can even have the nail bend in the spectator's own hands!

COIL easily adapts to all performing conditions and personal styles. It resets in seconds. And it looks fantastic, even in short sleeves.

DVD Runtime: 45 minutes