Coinnect by Seth Race

Coinnect by Seth Race

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"Seth has created a great visual quickie that you can do with a borrowed quarter. Fun magic with borrowed objects. Doesn’t get better than that!" - Nathan Kranzo

"Combine a believable plot and Seth's creative methodology and you get Coinnect." - Tim Trono

Defy the laws of physics with the fast & visual ice breaker. Turn a borrowed quarter into a powerful electromagnet that connects to another quarter completely under your command. Amaze your audience as coins snap together like an erector set but come apart like magic. This is Coinnect by Seth Race.

Here’s what happens:

The magician borrows a quarter from the audience and pairs it with their own. First, the magician rubs the quarter on their shirt to apply a little static to one quarter. When the two coins are brought close together they click together with an audible snap but fall back apart at the magician’s command. The coins are brought together again, this time the magician holds the coins at the edge with just their fingertips showing that there is no way the magician could be secretly pinching the coins together. In the final unbelievable phase, the spectator is allowed to feel that the coins are truly connected by holding the coins by their edges before the magician magically separates them for the final time.

The Coinnect gimmick is one of a kind, and hand made to last a lifetime. Along with the gimmick, you’ll get Seth’s signature routine that he has been performing for years. The trick is easy to do and has some powerful convincers that will have your audience believing that you are a master of magnetism. Build a monument to magic in a spectator’s hand using the change in your
pocket with Coinnect by Seth Race.