Christmas European Wizard Ring! Size 14

Christmas European Wizard Ring! Size 14

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Santa has only been caught one time putting gifts under the tree and that was in 1823!  Then what happens?  Clement Clarke Moore writes a book about it!! Imagine what would happen today with the internet!!!

Well, the Christmas Wizard up at the North pole knew this was a problem and gave Santa this amazing ring!  Now when he goes to a house, when it is red, the children are awake and he cannot go in!  Once everyone is asleep, it amazingly turns green, which means go, and he can put the gifts under the tree!! Isn't that amazing!!  Ask the children around you if they want to see it turn green, but they all have to go to sleep to make it work!  

A really fun prop that creates an awesome story to tell the children. 

BTW  the ring is only a prop and does not change color, but a really nice ring you will wear to all your events!!