FLASH CHANGE by William Alexis Houcke
FLASH CHANGE by William Alexis Houcke

FLASH CHANGE by William Alexis Houcke

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"Magicians know the value of having a revelation that is interesting and memorable, and that's where the strength of this trick lies. When a spectator's own phone is used as a flashlight to magically show the value of his chosen card on what was previously a blank card, and following this up by instantly and magically changing this to the revelation of a second card can really blow the mind. This trick lives up to everything it promises. " -Richard Pot, Reviewer

Flash Change is a flash revelation and change! 2 visual effects with one card!

You have one prediction, ask two spectators to choose a card. Reveal your prediction... It's a white card! Nothing printed on it!

Ask the spectator to take his smartphone and to turn on the flash light.

Put the white card over the flash light, we can see nothing, shake the card and you can know see a 5 of Diamonds through the card! The first spectator reveals his card, it's indeed a 5 of Diamonds!

Then, you put again the white card over the flashlight, we still can see the 5 of Diamonds, shake the card and the 5 of Diamonds become an Ace of Hearts! The second chosen card!

  • Very easy to do
  • Instant reset
  • Gimmick ready to use
  • Video instructions in English and in French