Flight 101 by Roddy McGhie

Flight 101 by Roddy McGhie

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"Clever.Practical.Deceptive." - R. Paul Wilson

Ring flight… Wait for it… To spectator’s key ring.

This isn’t a pipe dream, this is the latest release from Roddy McGhie.

Forget everything you know about Ring Flight. No reels, no suspicious key fobs, no strange purses with inexplicable chains that the ring appears on. This brilliantly simple gimmick with no moving parts not only allows you to vanish a borrowed ring, but it also makes your retention vanish look better. With Roddy’s expert tutorial you learn a routine where the borrowed ring reappears on the spectator’s keys while they are holding them! This practical effect isn’t just straight forward, it’s a miracle.

Flight 101 is easy to do and comes ready to go right out of the box. Perfect for restaurant workers, casual close up, and street magicians alike. Flight 101 is a hard-hitting ring to impossible location developed by one of the most inventive magicians working today.

Special credit to Jamie Williams who independently created an unpublished similar idea to Flight 101