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FORGETFUL FREDDIE is a classic of magic: it's funny, participative, full of surprises!

You will find all the advantages of this trick with FORGETFUL SANTA!

This year, there will be no gift for: Santa is sulking.

While you were tanning in the sun, he was overworked!

He has to take care of the elves, the workshop, the orders...

And... he burned out!

Already last year he was very tired!

And I'm sure there are some of you who received a gift he didn't order? It's because he's losing his head!

And at this precise moment, you remove the head of Santa Claus!

Since he's lost his mind, you offer to give him a brand new one.

Then that you make the head disappear (change bag, devil handkerchief, ...) and you pretend that news will come back, by magic... but nothing happens!

So, you decide to use a balloon instead. You blow it, make the children drawn on it (eyes, nose, ) and place instead of the head!

After a short moment while you are talking about this new head, the balloon bursts and Santa Claus finally finds a pretty face!

- The appearance of the head in is done mechanically. You keep your distance from Santa when the effect is on.

- Santa Claus is printed onto the material - Height of the figure: 60cm - 24 inch
- Super easy to do - You just have to focus on the presentation.
- Made in France

You will use your changing bag and scarf: they are not provided.

Comes with some pink or white balloons depending on availability (these are ordinary balloons).