King King Rope Rings - TP

King King Rope Rings - TP

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King King Rope Rings

This is the King of the Linking Rope routines...and here is why.. no snaps or magnets are used!

Every rope can be examined!

Four pieces of rope are shown. Each piece has been tied into a circle… four rings of rope. The rings are counted, then mysteriously TWO LINK TOGETHER. Rings are handed to a spectator to examine.

You now hold two single rings. WHAM! Your two rings are linked! The spectator is asked to duplicate your actions … your rings come free … his are still tied together! All the ropes can be examined! – but MORE still to come. Take the rings from the spectator and they become separate again. Then THREE rings become joined … finally all FOUR join together in a LONG CHAIN!

Revolutionary method!

This new method for performing what has become a classic trick
Surpasses all others in working and EFFECT!

We supply it complete with routine and all the high quality, thick red ropes.