Lynx wallet 2.0 by Gonçalo Gil, Gustavo Sereno and Gee Magic
Lynx wallet 2.0 by Gonçalo Gil, Gustavo Sereno and Gee Magic

Lynx wallet 2.0 by Gonçalo Gil, Gustavo Sereno and Gee Magic

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After the huge success of the "Lynx Wallet', Gee Magic is proud to finally bring you the "Lynx Wallet 2.0" and the great just got greater!

Based on the effect "Bang On" by Marc Oberon, Gonçalo Gil and Gee Magic brought you an innovating method using only ONE wallet, ONE envelope and produce ANY named Card. This second version has much more to offer than previous one. This amazing prop can be combined with very different routines, both in close up or parlor performances.

Lynx Wallet 2.0 is a premium product that allows you to perform 5 different effects in just one wallet
  • ONE wallet, ONE envelope and produce ANY named Card effect
  • ONE wallet, ONE envelope and produce a named city
  • Sign card to wallet
  • Small objects to envelope
  • Multiple and innovation effects using your own business cards
New effects descriptions:
  • Classic sign card to wallet. A spectator signs a card and you can perform your favorite card routine. For the big finish, the sign card appears inside the coin compartment of your "Lynx wallet 2.0" in the most impossible conditions.
  • Imagine showing a wallet containing one envelope with only one black envelope inside and the magician can let the spectators to exam the hole compartment.
    The magician asks the spectator to think of one city that they would like to visit and you will be able to produce the freely chosen city. Predict a chosen city without stooges or pre-show work.
    You will be able to do the same thing with the 52 playing cards.
  • A nice way to give your business cards is if they can become magical. You ask your spectator to sign one of your business cards and then you write number that will be your prediction. You finally place it inside the wallet. A number is chosen and you show that your prediction is wrong. You close the wallet again, and when you open again, the number changed to the right one and you can give the sign card as a souvenir.
Other ideas are included like a stickman holding a card, which changes into the chosen card.
  • Have several effects in just one wallet
  • The wallet can be used as your everyday wallet.
  • Easy and quick to reset.
  • Have a killer magic effect in your pocket.
Lynx Wallet 2.0 was design with the professional magician in mind. Comes complete with a custom made wallet, with full accessories and gimmicks.