Magic Memo Pad by Tenyo Magic

Magic Memo Pad by Tenyo Magic

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"This is a really ingenious way to have coins appear to disappear right into a drawing on a pad of paper." -Doc Johnson, MyLovelyAssistant

A coin vanishes into a drawing you've just made!

This new magic trick has caused magicians worldwide to shout in wide-eyed surprise. Three coins magically vanish as they appear to melt into an illustration you've drawn on a memo pad. You can tear the page from the pad and give it to your spectator at the end. Thanks to a brand-new specially constructed gimmick, you will be able to perform an incredibly visual effect that looks like real magic. The gimmick has been built into a perfectly ordinary memo pad, so you'll always be ready to perform with the most natural of props.

Replace with any brand of memo pad.
Use any coin available to you -- U.S. quarter, 50 cent Euro, etc.