Mc Sandwich (Blue) by Mickael Chatelin

Mc Sandwich (Blue) by Mickael Chatelin

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Mickael is well known for his new automatic and visual effects. 

With MC SANDWICH you realize a classic card magic effect.

A classic effect you hear me say?
But we believe the method used will surprise you. This method does not stop a sandwich effect.

Learn to make them disappear or appear one or more cards, plus you also learn a version of ambitious card has 3 cards. 

A card is freely chosen and signed by a spectator, the card will mysteriously appear between two cards! An impossible effect done in front of your spectators, MC SANDWICH allow you a multitude of other effects such as: Disappearance, Transformation, Ambitious Card and Etc... 

Just imagine and the equipment does the rest. 

- No manipulations 
- No forging, a signed card 
- No adhesive, no wires, no flap 
- Immediate Reset

"This is powerful stuff that points to a path leading to some great magic." -David Regal, Genii Magazine