Million Dollar Card Secrets by Simon Lovell
Million Dollar Card Secrets by Simon Lovell

Million Dollar Card Secrets by Simon Lovell

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Have you ever thought that you might be ONE great card trick away from a MILLION BUCKS?

 With Million Dollar Card Secrets Simon Lovell teaches you some important basic skills then combines them into some truly stunning routines. Learn with ease in this comprehensive course and you will be able to master these magic effects with minimal effort no matter your skill level!

Simon will teach you more than 30 card tricks and secret techniques used by the pros that will definitely put you in a class above the rest. These effects can be performed with ANY regular deck of playing cards so you can be ready to amaze at a moments notice.

Don't do the expected. Show off your Million Dollar skills!

This course will help you build the important skills you need to smoothly execute such advanced moves.
And you'll learn them with ease with the help of master magician Simon Lovell. 

As an ADDED BONUS Simon shares his Ambitious Card Trick secrets!
Including great tips to improve one of the most incredible card tricks in magic.


    • Chicago Opener/Red Hot Mama - A spectator's card turns Red Hot!
    • Double Lift - The most important sleight in all card magic! When you learn from Simon it's EASY!
    • Double Cut - A very simple and effective contol of a chosen card!
    • 3 In A Million - Do-As-I-Do with a kicker ending!
    • Switch Craft - Two cards change places!
    • Easy Aces - 4 Aces are spelled-to cut-to and counted-to!
    • Hide and Seek Kings - Four Kings vanish one at a time then reappear paired with their Queens
    • One Head - A little routione of card fun!
    • Dual Discovery - A clever magician in trouble surprise!
    • Uncanny Revelation - Heavy-hitting trick with very little work!
    • PeekaBoo Revelation - The Aces find a spectator's peeked-at card!
    • Mental Cards - Thought-of card located in a thoroughly shuffled deck!
    • Key Card Control Technique - The REAL secret way to use this card weapon!
    • What Aces? - The 4 Aces change into 4 Kings and the Aces are found reversed in the deck!
    • Perplexing - 4 randomly chosen cards turn out to be the 4 Kings then they change into the 4 Aces!
    • Cutting The Kings - Spectator cuts to the 4 Kings which then change into the 4 Aces!
    • Simon's Delight - Easy transposition that you'll use all the time!
    • Control Knockout - A great control technique!
    • Simon Lovell Card Stab- Spectator blindly stabs right to their selected card!
  • Poker Poker - Always Cut The Cards but in reverse!
  • Swift Poker - Two poker hands are made from randomly chosen cards yet the magician wins every time!
  • Perfect Poker - Two poker hands are dealt from a face-up-face-down deck yet the magician always wins!
  • Diamond Cut Diamond - Spectator's card appears at a position of his choosing!
  • Winnepeg False Cut - A totally natural totally false cut!
  • Ace Culling - Expert card shark technique that takes no skill!
  • Adding A Card - A bold yet effective way to add an extra card to your hand!
  • Simey Bonus - A bonus card culling technique!
  • Secret Reversal - Selected card is found reversed in the deck!
  • Cough Cover - Ingenius way to conceal a palmed card!


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