Miracle Substance I & 2

Miracle Substance I & 2

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Miracle Substance I & II are two invisible gimmicks that disappear completely and automatically after performing an effect!

Spectator shuffles his own deck and choosing a card without any force whatsoever.

Return the chosen card at any places in the deck. Cut the deck several times. Now you take the cards and place them on the flat palm of your hand. The deck seems to come to life; the deck cuts itself and the upper part moves forward and the deck cut itself at the chosen card!

The borrowed deck can be immediately handed out for examination! Nothing has to be taken away or be palmed! No magnets or thread are used to accomplish the effect. No card is added and nothing taken away! Now for the best part: repeat the effect as often as you want to!

You receive the Miracle-Substance-set that includes Substance I and Substance II (each in a sealed test-tube), two additional small gimmicks for making the work with Miracle Substance easy and detailed instructions with several effects, tips and routines described. Enough for a thousand performances!