MISER'S MIRACLE BY JERRY ANDRUS- Book,  Lost but found!!


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Miser's Miracle by Jerry Andrus EFFECT: The performer shuffles a deck of cards and fans them, explaining that he will use the two cards wherever the spectator says, "Stop." At the spectators indication the performer stops and removes the two cards at that point. Both hands and both cards are shown on both sides and without further manipulation the two cards are placed together face to face, and a silver dollar is seen to slowly emerge from between them. After rolling up his sleeves and again showing his hands empty, the performer picks up the deck from the table and shuffles it again. The cards are fanned out, and again the spectator says, "Stop." Again the hands and cards are shown on both sides and again a silver dollar is produced from between the two cards. Performer now picks up one of the cards and tears it in two, showing both sides of both pieces and the empty hands. The two pieces are placed together, and once again a silver dollar slowly emerges from the two halves! Taking one of the card halves, the performer tears it in two, and as before shows both sides of each piece of the card, as well as both hands empty. The two quarter sections of the card are now placed together and, lo and behold, there emerges yet another silver dollar. Thus you have produced four silver dollars , with the last one coming from between two pieces of card that are smaller than the dollar itself! This booklet contains 49 clear, line drawings by Jerry Andrus.