Omega by Max Major
Omega by Max Major
Omega by Max Major
Omega by Max Major
Omega by Max Major
Omega by Max Major
Omega by Max Major

Omega by Max Major

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Instantly know the exact card your spectator cut to, without ever touching the deck.

"Trick of the YEAR!" - Oz Pearlman

You give the spectator a deck of cards - and ask them to spread through it to make sure all of the cards are different. They can even shuffle the deck! You ask them to cut the cards wherever they want - and remember the card. 

You never touch the deck. And it’s done - you INSTANTLY know what card they’re thinking of.

“Don't be fooled by the simplicity of the prop - the thinking on this is GOLD.” - Calen Morelli

A completely hands-off miracle.

OMEGA is the ultimate hands-off deck for magic and mentalism, close-up, and stage. The best part of all? It does ALL the work for you! Everything happens in the spectator’s hands, and you NEVER have to touch the cards.

You can even predict what they’re going to do, before they do it. After you reveal their card, ask them to open a prediction you gave them at the very beginning - you’re correct 100% of the time.

OMEGA is battle-tested. It’s been performed on stages all over the world, on LIVE TV on The Today Show, and Neil Patrick Harris performed it on The Late Show with James Corden. 

“This is Mentalism on steroids! I’m a mentalist and can already predict that Omega will be trick of the year.” - Oz Pearlman

Omega comes with a special red Bicycle deck and a 40 minute HD streaming instructional video.

William P.

A brilliantly deceptive effect. Straightforward, relatively easy to perform, and takes up no more space than a deck of cards because that’s what it is. Highly recommended.

Massachusetts  May 8th, 2020
Keith S.

In my opinion the best trick I’ve ever seen!! What other trick can you let the spectator fan the cards to see their mixed and all different, mix more if they want, then cut wherever they want and you still are able to guess the card!!!! Oh and all of this without ever touching them yourself. Only downfall is you can’t repeat for the same person. But this trick is so strong it really doesn’t matter. Such an incredibly ingenious way to combine 2 of the most common gimmicks together to make this ridiculously impossible trick come true!

Marlborough, Ma  May 7th, 2020
Jay S.

Brilliant, easy, and fun to do. Follow the instructions and you can be a star!

Ohio  May 6th, 2020