PENDANT by Yuji Enei
PENDANT by Yuji Enei
PENDANT by Yuji Enei
PENDANT by Yuji Enei
PENDANT by Yuji Enei

PENDANT by Yuji Enei

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A stylish new card effect that ends with the spectator getting a souvenir that will cement your performance in their memory for a lifetime. A card is selected (possibly signed), and then becomes inexplicably fixed to a chain sandwiched between two Jokers.This never-before seen sandwich effect canbe performed fairly in front of even your most suspicious spectators. The Pendant is suitable for a wide range of situations from close up to parlor magic.

  • A deck of cards is displayed to show that a small hole has been punched into each card.
  • The spectator selects a card and signs it.
  • The card is returned to the deck.
  • The deck is placed between two face-up Jokers and a chain is threaded through the holes.
  • The deck, suspended by the chain, gets lowered into a bag then quickly pulled out to reveal that the only thing left on the chain is the signed selection sandwiched between the two Jokers.
  • No difficult sleight of hand required.
  • The effect is easy to perform.
  • Suitable for a wide range of performance environments.
  • The spectator can receive a souvenir that will create a lasting impression.
  • Easy to follow instructions will teach you how to construct your own refills.
  • Pendant easily resets for repeat performances (if you decide not to give away the props)
Inside the package:
  • Gimmicked deck (red Bicycle)
  • 4 refill cards (uncut)
  • Chain
  • Special drawstring bag
  • Explanation card
"Wow! This is really stylish and so cleverly conceived that it will even fool magicians. This boldly crafted gem is great for people who perform in bars and is solid enough to be a closing effect. This high quality product with a gorgeous velvet bag and an easy-to-handle chain puts a genuine touch of class into any performance. I'm so happy to see that the time has come for Japanese ideas to be recognized on the global stage."
Akira Fujii

"A while back Yuji Enei showed me a prototype of this effect and we talked about ways it might be improved. When he showed me his improvements shortly after, I was blown away by how much he had made it better, and how ingenious his solutions were. The Pendant really is a work of wonder. The best part is that the clever gimmick makes performances a breeze. In no time at all, you'll be astonishing magicians and layman all over the world."
Kiyoshi Sato

"A deviously simple trick from a brilliant new creator in Japan. I hope you will get as much enjoyment and inspiration out of this effect as I have. There are so many different ways that you can take this effect. I hope you find my handling useful as well. I cannot wait to see what he comes up with next!"

"When I saw the gimmick, I was surprised at how unexpectedly analog and clever the mechanism was. I think this is a wonderful effect that can also be used to give spectators memorable souvenirs."