Pimpin by Nathan Kranzo
Pimpin by Nathan Kranzo

Pimpin by Nathan Kranzo

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"Nathan Kranzo takes a great trick from Paul Harris and actually makes it better...Pimpin’ is a winner. I will add this to my performing repertoire." -Dan Garrett, M-U-M Magazine

...With the Blessing of Paul Harris


Perform you favorite card effects and then transform the deck into A STACK OF CASH!


  • Step by step DVD training
  • Create the gimmick in less than 4 minutes
  • Easy to do...virtually self working
  • Resets in 3 seconds
  • Can be performed close up or stand up

"When the cards instantly and visually morph into bills it feels like a PIMP SLAP to the brain." - Nathan Kranzo

Running Time Approximately 20min