PSYCALENDAR PRO by Unknown Mentalist

PSYCALENDAR PRO by Unknown Mentalist

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"Self-working, easy to learn with a set of different size calendars to suit a range of performing situations. Includes varied presentational themes." -Paul Preager, The Magic Circular Magazine

Most probably you have never ever seen such a mystical calendar. It looks ordinary but enables you to perform extraordinary magic. Let me present probably the world's first Psycalendar.

What you get is a specially printed table calendar, a set of pocket calendars and several calendars in different sizes to suit different performing situations, all of which will be shipped to you. The PDF can be downloaded instantly.

The effect as seen by the audience:

A yearly calendar on a single sheet is handed to the participants. Each of 5 different random participants chooses a different date from the calendar. The performer openly ensures that no 2 participants choose the same date. The performer is standing several feet away and never touches the calendar. Finally, when the 5 chosen dates are added up, a true miracle unfolds. Jaws will drop.

For the second phase, the effect is repeated now with 2 different sets of 5 random participants choosing 2 completely different sets of 5 different dates from 2 totally different parts of the calendar. And yet again the miracle unfolds. This time jaws will drop to the floor.

This effect can of course also be performed one on one and the performer can leave his business card as a special souvenir with the participant, which surely will be treasured for a long time.

No sleights, no stooges, no preshow. No memorization & no math except the adding up of the chosen dates. Totally self working. Completely hands off. Nothing to reset and instantly repeatable with different sets of dates and participants. No switches, no swami, no impression devices. Very easy to learn and perform.

3 different presentation themes are suggested, based on psychology, supernatural and humor, with several ideas.