Santa's Magic Snow- 6 oz jar sized

Santa's Magic Snow- 6 oz jar sized

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You are at an event, and children ask how you land the sleigh without snow, you come up with a creative explanation, "Jack Frost gave me this ring, and when I need snow for my landing it makes snow appear!  

That is when all the children yell "Make it snow now!"  Now you've done it.  How do you make a true Christmas Miracle occur like that?  Well ask no more, now that you have Santa's Magic Snow!  Take two Styrofoam cups out of your bag. While stacked ask for it to be filled with ice, since it is cold in December and for a glass  of water.  Pour the ice into a second Stryrofoam cup to show that it is just ice and add water.  As they sing, or you tell how you met Jack Frost, the ice starts to rise in the cup and fall out.  You flip the cup over, and snow, not water, falls all over the table.  They can touch it and it even feels icy cold!  

You just did a little Santa Magic!

This special powder expands to 100 times its original volume to make the most amazing faux snow you`ve ever seen. Great for parties, decorations, science fair projects, photography or as a magical demonstration to amaze your friends!

The material is 4 oz by volume.