Scotch & Soda - Magnetic - Kueppers

Scotch & Soda - Magnetic - Kueppers

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Scotch & Soda - Magnetic - (Half & English Penny) w/ Bang Ring - Kuepper

A U.S. Half Dollar & a English Penny are shown.

Both coins are placed in an open palm of a spectator.

The spec is asked to close his or her hand.

The Magician asks the spec which two coins are in their hand.

The spec will reply “ A U.S. Half dollar & a English Penny.

When they open their hand, they will find a U.S. Half dollar & a U.S. Quarter.

The English Penny has mysteriously changed into a U.S. Quarter .

This is a very popular trick used by Amateur & pro Magicians around the world.

Comes complete with precision machined coins & full instructions and routine(s)