Sick by Ponta The Smith
Sick by Ponta The Smith

Sick by Ponta The Smith

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"...This is extraordinary." -Matthew Field, The Magic Circular Magazine

This is the coin magic video that garnered so much underground buzz that it didn't just break through -- it exploded onto the magic scene.

Ponta the Smith, a rising sensation in close-up magic from Osaka, Japan, is here to raise the bar in the world of coin handling. He makes coins smoothly disappear, reappear and change right in front of spectators' noses. His efficient, elegant moves make metal look like vapor.

Prepare to look at coin magic differently.

  • New handlings of 11 coin plots:
        - Spellbound

        - Tenkai Pennies

        - Vanish

        - Matrix

        - Quick Matrix

        - Backfire Matrix

        - Backfire Assembly

        - One Coin Routine

        - Three Coins Across

        - Three Fly

      - Winged Silver
  • Visual, no-talk teaching makes everything easy to learn in any language.
  • All impromptu.
  • No gaffs necessary.
  • Sick is not a beginner video, but magicians familiar with basic coin plots will be able to put this to work.