St. Patrick's Day Monte by Dan Harlan

St. Patrick's Day Monte by Dan Harlan

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Go on a hunt for a pot of gold with Dan Harlan and the St. Patrick’s Day Monte. Based on the classic Color Monte effect, it has been updated with full-color artwork and a presentation that is perfect for all ages. Whether you are a restaurant worker, hobbyist, or just looking to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with a little bit of magic, the St. Patrick’s Day Monte is for you.

Here’s what happens:

The performer displays three cards featuring rainbows and tells about how they have always hunted for the legendary pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. After displaying the rainbow in all three positions, the illusion of the pot of gold is also to be found on all three cards. Of course, the only way to truly find a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow is if you catch a leprechaun, and magically one of the cards transforms into an adorable leprechaun.

When you purchase the St. Patrick’s Day Monte, you receive custom printed cards that work perfectly with Dan’s routine. You’ll also receive an instructional video so that you’ll be able to learn the story and the moves. Dan breaks down the simple sleights that are required to perform this classic effect, and as a bonus, he teaches you a few of his own techniques to make the monte even more deceptive than before. Dan also teaches you how to use a bonus card that features images of an emerald beverage for a more rowdy presentation. Check out Dan Harlan’s St. Patrick’s Day Monte for a lucky little packet trick today.