Tag-O-Magic (Gimmick and DVD)by Cameron Francis

Tag-O-Magic (Gimmick and DVD)by Cameron Francis

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You'll never be unprepared for magic again! 

Tag-O-Magic is a custom designed and specially die cut key tag that attaches to your normal key chain and allows for amazing and ever present magic under any circumstances! 

Imagine this....you openly break a plastic tag off your everyday key chain. The spectator hears the snap of the plastic and clearly sees the broken tag. But with a simple wave, the broken tag is completely restored! But wait - there's more! 

In an instant, the restored tag pops back on your key ring! The plastic tag apparently melts through metal to return to its original position. You broke it, you restored it, and like real magic it's back where it belongs. And yes, it's fully examinable! 

Tag-O-Magic also has a handy "B" side filled with hidden effects just waiting to be revealed... psychological forces, mathematic mindbenders, a pasteboard prediction, and a classic mental miracle using the spectator's very own smart phone. 

Comes complete with custom made key tag set and detailed instructional DVD.