THE CLOWN Multi-Pack (Gimmicks and Online Instructions) by Jamie Daws

THE CLOWN Multi-Pack (Gimmicks and Online Instructions) by Jamie Daws

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In 2003, 'The Clown' committed a series of murders across southern states of America. All the victims were murdered on their birthday and the only evidence the police found at the scene is a birthday card with a clown on its front. Inside, a disturbing poem intended for the victim.

As this twisted and unsettling story unfolds, you introduce an envelope which has a birthday card inside for the spectator. However, when it is taken out, the clown that should be on the front is found to have vanished. None the less, you take a red balloon from your pocket and blow it up for the spectator who is asked to pose with their card and the balloon. You borrow their phone and take a memento photo.

The spectator is instructed to open the card and read the bespoke poem written for them. By the time they reach the end, something happens that will make them scream and shudder. Finally, when they look back at the photo on their phone, there is now a creepy clown looking back at them...

This is a killer dark effect designed to build suspense, make your audience jump out of their skin and finally, leave them with a disturbing photo memento. The handling and props do the hard work for you so you can focus on your performance!


You receive 6 custom printed celebration cards which were sourced from an actual greetings card company. The finish is unique to this company and when you see them, you'll understand that they are the finest quality available! You also receive an 3 inlays printed on silk finish paper. On one side is a custom designed page which has the dreadfully creepy poem on it. On the other side is a blank version so that if you do not speak english or you want to use a different presentation, you can design it to suit your needs! You also get 15 red latex, 9 inch balloons to get your started! All of this is housed in a custom designed and cut folder which also has the code to access the instructions inside!