The Deck Shell 2.0 by Chazpro! Bicycle Poker Sized Blue Back New and improved!!

The Deck Shell 2.0 by Chazpro! Bicycle Poker Sized Blue Back New and improved!!

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Presented by my good friend Magician Barry Taylor!

The Deck Shell What the coin shell did for coin magic....... the Deck Shell does for card magic! "Great idea!" John Cornelius "That's Incredible!" Jon Racherbaumer "It inspires the imagination." Michael Ammar "First time I've been fooled in years." Michael Close "Very clever. I see many applications." Stephen Minch "A revolutionary accessory for card magic!" Aldo Colombini Perform incredible feats of card magic with Chuck Leach's Deck Shell. One of the most unique card gaffs ever created, used by professionals and hobbyists. The Deck Shell makes the impossible, possible. The number of effects possible with the Deck Shell are endless. From close-up to stage, from comedy to mentalism, the Deck Shell can do it all with ease. One effect: A spectator selects and signs a red card from a red deck. The card is returned to the deck and the deck to its card box. A blue card box is brought out, and the blue deck is spread. All the cards are blue backed except one...which is red backed. This card is removed and turned is the spectator's signed card! No sleights. The Deck Shell will allow you to switch decks without detection. The included DVD offers a wide range of effects, from stage mentalism to close-up miracles at the table. With the DVD you can jump right to the routine or sleights you wish to learn. Additional information is offered in the included print instructions. The Deck Shell is a metal shell with a real card box cover. They come in Bicycle red or blue backed, poker-size.

What makes it different?

Shell completely covers a standard bicycle deck!  7 Seals to make sure they match your other decks.

What is included?

Deck Shell

7 New Deck Stickers

Deck Shell Book

Deck shell Video