THE PEAK (Gimmicks and Online Instructions) by Mr. Blond & The Collective
THE PEAK (Gimmicks and Online Instructions) by Mr. Blond & The Collective
THE PEAK (Gimmicks and Online Instructions) by Mr. Blond & The Collective
THE PEAK (Gimmicks and Online Instructions) by Mr. Blond & The Collective

THE PEAK (Gimmicks and Online Instructions) by Mr. Blond & The Collective

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The Peak is an industry first. The start of a new, modern and exciting generation of solid state, custom designed and intricately manufactured devices. This new and innovative composition allows you instant and direct access to a written or drawn thought whenever you desire. Finished in both metal and carbon fibre, The Peak will become your favourite every day carry.

The workings of The Peak are psychologically impossible though perhaps The Peaks most disarming element is its design. Drawing inspiration from other well known, real world items, this device will become completely invisible to your audiences.

With The Peak there are no electronics, no magnets, no moving parts, no privacy screen, no flaps, no hinges, no leather, no bulk. Use with any card, any pen, anywhere at any time.

Here are the 6 reasons why The Peak will become your favourite EDC:

1) You can read minds instantly. You can reveal a very primal piece of information such as a name of someone important to your spectator and instantly know what they are thinking at a moments notice. There's nothing stronger. No card trick, coin trick, or more complicated mentalism piece has the strength of getting the primal thoughts that are important to THEM.

2) The method is brilliant and very fooling. You will revel in The Peak's ingenuity.

3) This is modern and sleek. It's not an extra object to carry. Along with your cell phone, it's something that will just be part of who you are, everyday. It's not a Swiss Army Knife Wallet. More and more people carry less and less with them. Put your credit card and a driver's license in here and you are set for a miracle.

4) There is nothing to go wrong. There are no electronics, flaps, mirrors, or complicated procedures. You will use this immediately after removing it from the box.

5) It's affordable. While not cheap, it's affordable. How much would you pay for one miracle you will always have with you, you will do over and over, and you will do for years to come? We tried to make this as affordable as possible but to provide the highest quality device and instructions.

6) It's easy to use, this is something you can immediately do to peer into someone's mind.

Open the box, watch the instructions and instantly perform a miracle.

Who is Mr Blonde?

Mr Blonde is someone you know. Someone you have heard of. Someone you have watched. He is a well known and highly established English Mystery Performer who wishes to remain anonymous. This is what he has carried with him and used for the last few years. The Peak has been his best kept secret and we are proud to present it to you so that it can become yours.

"Brilliant! Utterly f*%king brilliant! A streamlined and updated version of a classic approach which has resulted in something brand new."
- Colin Cloud

"That's very cool, very good!"
- Andy Nyman

"That is right up my alley, I love it!"
- Doug Mckenzie

"I am not a Mentalist, I must have that."
- Noel Qualter

"That is sooo good. I want one of those!"
- Peter Nardi

"I'd use that as an everyday carry."
- Seth Kramer

"Damn. I'm impressed. That looks pretty much indistinguishable from the real deal. I can't wait to get my hands on one so I can try it out in the real world."
- Andy, The Jerx

"That is unbelievable. I have absolutely no idea how that could work."
- Dee Christopher, The 1914

"Wow...Psychologically it's a very strong method."
- Nique Tan

"That's insane!"
- Tom Elderfield

"That is next level!"
- Lewis Leval, The 1914

"Wow, I want one!"
- Christian Grace

"It's great, wow! That's gonna fool a lot of people."
- Mark Elsdon

- Michael Murray

"This has been my secret weapon for years."
- Mr Blonde