The Symbook Book Test (Gimmicks and Online Instructions) by Pepe Monfort

The Symbook Book Test (Gimmicks and Online Instructions) by Pepe Monfort

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With Pepe Monfort's SYMBOOK you will learn a powerful method that will allow you to perform an extraordinary telepathic experience with one or several spectators under extraordinary conditions:

1. The spectator takes the book and OPENS IT FREELY TO WHATEVER PAGE HE LIKES.
3. The mentalist DIRECTLY CAPTURES THE THOUGHT-OF WORD in the way that he would do it, if he really had telepathic powers.

This effect has been used for some 30 years by some of Spain's greatest mentalists. Today, for the first time ever, Gkaps will be making it available to all magicians, but especially mentalists.

This book provides you with multiple ways to present that experience.

THE CLASSIC BOOK TEST EXPERIMENT - However, with the Symbook the spectator has the book in his hands and can open it to any page and make his choice of word from any line.

DRAWING YOUR THOUGHTS - A spectator freely opens (up) a book to any page and imagines something he finds in its pages. The mentalist picks up a marker and a pad of paper and draws the image (in the spectator's mind) that the spectator is merely thinking of.

TELEPATHY WITH FOUR SPECTATORS - Four spectators freely think of anything found in the text of a book. The mentalist concentrates and simultaneously captures the thoughts of all four spectators. This effect is totally self-working.

"One of the BEST book tests I have ever seen."
Jorge Blass

"Wow! Magicians are very lucky....Very, very clear and strong effect."
Dani da Ortiz

"I was totally fooled. I didn't have a clue. I lost all my hair THINKING how this could be possible."

"Direct, clear and absolutely impossible!"
Nacho Diago