Time is Money by Seol Park

Time is Money by Seol Park

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I saw it right before my eyes and I could not work out how it was done. This is no trickery, it's true sorcery.
Mr. Maric

Revolutionary Bill Magic with Extreme Visuals 
Time is Money comes with a special gimmick, and the Explanation in English on the DVD. As well as a SAMPLE Gimmick (US Currency Bill) that you can customize with your countries currency easily. 

Time To Change - A visual bill change that you can hand out to the audience immediately.
Bounty - The Ultimate Bill restoration that anyone can easy perform.
Take Back - A miraculous transposition routine in the spectators hands.

"Overall this is an excellent DVD and even if you want to learn a new bill switch this is as good as it gets." -Paul Romhany, *Reviews Vanish Magazine