Valentine's Day Monte by Dan Harlan

Valentine's Day Monte by Dan Harlan

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Decide what to get your Valentine with a charming monte from Dan Harlan. Based on the classic Color Monte effect, it’s been updated with full-color artwork and a presentation that will work for any performer. Whether you are a restaurant worker, hobbyist, or just someone looking to get their special someone a memorable effect, the Valentine’s Day Monte is for you.

Here’s what happens:

The performer displays three cards representing the various gifts they have given on previous Valentine’s days. Last year they had given a bouquet of roses. The previous year a box of chocolates. The chocolates and the flowers multiply, vanish, and change places. Ultimately the performer decides that this year they may as well splurge, and magically a diamond ring appears.

When you purchase the Valentine’s Day Monte, you will receive custom printed cards that work perfectly with Dan’s routine. You’ll also receive an instructional video so that you’ll be able to learn the story and the moves. Dan also breaks down the simple sleights and teaches you a few of his own that make the monte even more deceptive than ever before. As a bonus, Dan also teaches you how to make an actual diamond ring appear for a marriage proposal presentation (actual diamond and person to get engaged to not included.) Check out Dan Harlan’s Valentine’s Day Monte for a charming packet trick today.