Voodoo Needle by Peter Eggink & Aeon Sun - Download Card

Voodoo Needle by Peter Eggink & Aeon Sun - Download Card

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"Voodoo Needle was the only item I chose to buy at the Blackpool Magic Convention 2020, it's THAT good!" - Max Maven

"When you see it, you imagine it is high tech magic! But once you know the incredible organic secret, You feel even better, with a definite jubilating emotion, the one created by real magic... it is really that good... Give yourself this rare pleasure..." - Gaetan Bloom

"I had to see what everyone was raving about, and when I did, my jaw dropped. Immediately I knew Voodoo Needle would go right in to my working set! Stunning visual with a genius method!" - Lewis Lé Val

"Voodoo Pin fools everyone. The method is a new principle and is deviously clever." - Tim Trono

No magnets. No electronics. No threads. Voodoo Needle by Aeon Sun and Peter Eggink is a completely impromptu miracle that is as visual as it is spooky. A massive hit at Blackpool, Voodoo Needle is one of the most satisfying secrets you’ll learn this year.

Here’s what happens:

On a small pad of paper, you draw a voodoo doll. Your audience member is then given a pen that they “charge” with their energy before giving it back to the performer and asked to name a symbol, number, word, whatever comes to their mind. When the performer draws on the paper the needle moves to trace the same thing. It’s extremely visual and extremely spooky.

The needle can even be isolated under a wine glass to prove that there is no outside influence on it what so ever. Voodoo Needle is not only easy to do but versatile enough for any close-up magician or mentalist to add to their repertoire. Best of all, there are no gimmicks. Everything, including the needle, could be borrowed. Check out Aeon Sun and Peter Eggink’s Voodoo Needle.