Walk on the Wild Side by Dan Harlan (Download + Gimmicks)

Walk on the Wild Side by Dan Harlan (Download + Gimmicks)

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"One of the greatest MIRACLES of card magic"

"I've been doing this trick for almost 40 years." -Tom Swirly

"Always been one of my favorite routines" -Dan Harlan

Pro card magicians know it's a jaw-dropper. And now, Dan Harlan has taken it to another level.


1. A bunch of identical cards are shown.
2. One by one, they visually change into a DIFFERENT card.
3. In the hands, with no cover, Dan Harlan's routine will have your spectators rubbing their eyes.

Reviews all 5 Star!!

This is a great effect, and Dan is a great Magician. But that's not the best part. The world is full of great magicians. Dan is also great magic teacher which is hard to come by. He knows that many of the people buying this effect are beginners and he anticipates the questions beginners have as well as clearly showing how the effect is performed and some alternative handlings that can be used until the student becomes more capable. I subscribe to Dan's Tarbell series and keep my eyes on effects that Dan releases because I don't believe he would be involved with a bad or low quality effect. He has a reputation that he lives up to.

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I am a huge fan of packet tricks. I've been doing wild card for years and Dan has taken a classic and made it better. His instructions are complete and easy to follow. No hard sleights make this great for beginners. The routine is clean and would be an excellent addition to any strolling magician's working repertoire. I am extremely happy with this purchase.

Beautiful trick with cards and well worth the money. The only problem is. You would have to be willing to practice with the trick for six to seven hours to get it completely down. It is well worth the practice.