Wax, Flesh - Combo Pack

Wax, Flesh - Combo Pack

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The Flesh Wax Combo Pack includes both light and dark flesh colored wax. Mixed together, this amazing product will match any skin tone!

Both a utility device and a miracle! Cut and restored finger (restoration optional), personal anchor points for deceptive Invisible Thread work, pull cards and coins from your arm, or carve a number in your flesh and force it on the spectator!

• True color, made to last!

• Matches ALL skin tones!

• Minimal residue formula!

• Easy to use, premium wax!

Special effects aren't just for the movies! Be a real-life star with Flesh Wax, a dynamic gimmick that flows into any shape or size with unlimited impact! Flesh Wax temporarily bonds to metal, plastic, wood, and finished surfaces, including most non-porous surfaces.

Created exclusively for magicians! It's more versatile than cheap homemade mixtures or hardware store substitutes. Flesh Wax is a molding wax dyed and blended by magicians, for magicians!

A three-month supply for most pros! Contains about 18 grams of wax. FleshWax is versatile, but it doesn't come with instructions or stage blood. The tricks are up to you. Wax responsibly!