Zoltars Opener By Peter Nardi by Alakazam Magic!

Zoltars Opener By Peter Nardi by Alakazam Magic!

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12 years ago I set myself the task of developing a quick, sure fire, high impact effect for my mix and mingle performances. I was looking for an alternative to the Invisible Deck (which I used as part of a larger routine at tables) I created an effect which I performed for many years and because of the reactions it soon became my opening piece. It really ticks all the boxes.

In 2018 I had a new presentation idea which was fun and I believe took the effect to a new level.

Zoltar’s Opener was never designed to be a magician fooler (even though it does fool a lot of magicians!) it was designed as a worker. The method is simple, yet sound, the presentation and story are fun and it may be performed in less than a minute (if required) or if you’re like me you will build it up to a 2 -3 minute effect with patter.

Everything about this effect pleases me. The story the method and most importantly the impact it has on my spectators.

Zoltar’s opener is also perfect to perform over Zoom.

Comes complete with custom designed deck and tuck case